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About Bedroom Storage

Bedroom storage is one of those areas that can be tough to decide upon, simply because there's such a huge range of products available that might work.

The first thing to think about, when choosing bedroom storage is the style and colour, as it will need to be in keeping with the rest of the room. For instance, a traditional genuine oak cupboard won't suit a slick contemporary bedroom anymore than bright beech will suit a Victorian master bedroom that's otherwise kitted out in dark mahogany furniture.

It's also important to consider the merits of the different sizes available. Bedroom storage comes in a number of different forms. Some people prefer to make use of high (or built-in shelves) which can be suitable for rooms that don't have much floor space, where as others like to free up the walls by using floor based storage such as baskets and chests.

Material is also worth consideration, as bedroom storage can be found in everything from solid timber to plastic. Think about whether or not the room will need to be maintained: plastic will essentially last for years without any extra attention, but wood furniture will usually need to be treated every six months or so, depending on exactly which timber is used.