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Belkin is about connections and usability. From its Southern California beginnings in 1983, the company has always focused on making its customers' lives better. Belkin networking products take your existing computers and make them better.

Nobody can deny the benefits of a wireless router, it lets you connect all your compatible devices without having to run wires. The one limitation of wireless routers is range, if you have a large house it may be difficult to connect at the far end. A Powerline adapter solves that by giving you a wired connection over the mains so you do not have to worry about losing signal because you've gone out of range. The company also makes USB Wi-Fi adapters so you can add wireless to almost any computer.

About Belkin

Belkin started out in a garage in Southern California in 1983 - they began with the idea to create reliable and affordable consumer electronic products. By 2012 Belkin had more than 1,200 employees across the world, with operations in 21 countries. The company has over 2,000 products for sale on the electric goods marketplace, and they claim to have have over 200 patents. Belkin's headquarters are in downtown Los Angeles. Belkin design, develop and distribute wireless USB adaptors for remote working and operating of systems. They also make USB adaptors that hook up to the car power supply - this allows the user to take their electronic goods on the move with them. The company also sells cases and other types of protection for most popular tablets, phones, laptops and computers. Some of Belkin's most successful products are their home and office routers. Generally praised for being affordable but reliable products, their routers sell very well. One of Belkin's latest developments is their new range of 'Powerline' adaptors. These wi-fi enabling adaptors plug straight in to your house's existing wiring, slotting easily in to a power socket on the wall. One device's pre-wired cable then goes to your wireless router, and another device (plugged in anywhere else in the home) connects (via cable) to any device of your choice. This technology allows you to share your internet signal to any place in the house that would otherwise be tricky to reach - people purchase Belkin's Powerline so they no longer have to drag wires up and down sets of stairs.