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About Boat Fenders

Riding on the water can be bumpy and mooring the boat is occasionally inaccurate, but neither of these should scratch your lovely vessel. Boat fenders are designed to keep the boat intact and free of damage, at least from the exterior. These products are available in a variety of shapes, including D, square, wing, and keyhole. A pair of corner fenders can protect the pontoon or transom of the vessel when mooring against a quay wall, jetty, or another boat. Buy 16-foot double-ended fenders for added flexibility as they are suitable for vertical and horizontal use. New and used boat fenders are widely available on eBay and you can have them delivered to your home or the marina. Look for narrow boat fenders or models for tug boats. Boat fenders are usually made of flexible vinyl so that they can be inflated with air. You can sail along with no worries while sail leisurely, even when close to other recreational boats.