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The Body Shop is an international beauty brand that does not test on animals. With their ethical values, you have peace of mind knowing the cosmetics were tested humanely.

Additionally, the Body Shop is committed to bringing benefits to small-scale farmers and craftsman. Products include skin care, makeup, hair products, fragrances, men’s products, and gift sets. Purchase products with the Body Shop brand and you are protecting the planet and contributing to their charitable foundation.

About Body Shop

The Body Shop was founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick, aiming to be an environmentally and culturally-conscious cosmetics store. Upon Anita's death in 2007, Gordon Brown claimed she was: 'One of the country's true pioneers'. Today, The Body Shop still sources Community Fair Trade ingredients, and regularly hold fundraising events for various cultural, ethical and health charities. The Body Shop is also renowned for never testing on animals and their products are 100% vegetarian. They vow to 'keep people, animals and the planet in mind' sticking to their 'beauty at heart' slogan. The Body Shop sells a vast arrange of cosmetic, toiletry and lifestyle items, ranging from mascara to room fragrance oil. The empathetic company are particularly well known for their beauty gift sets which generally contain a selection of the company's best loved products. These products could include bubble bath, shower gel, moisturising creams, shower puffs, soaps, perfumes, skin care products or makeup. Arguably one of The Body Shop's most popular items is their range of body butters. Made with Community Fair Trade shea butter, of course, the body butters come in more than 20 unique fragrances, and the range is constantly expanding. Fragrances include coconut, hemp and Japanese cherry blossom. These fragrances are carried out across the company's range of products. For example, where there is a coconut-scented body butter, there will likely be candles, perfumes, hand creams, room scents and bubble bath available in the same scent. The Body Shop truly is the ethically-balanced 'everyman's' cosmetic wonderland.