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British law mandates the use of booster seats for young children, but you do not need a law to understand the benefits of the safety devices. The seats protect young children from injuries caused by sharp turns and impacts with other vehicles or objects.

Advanced booster seat designs utilise soft polymer materials to keep children snug in their seats. Ensure your child's comfort and safety in your car with a booster seat.

About Booster Seats

Keeping your child safe while you’re driving is extremely important. For that reason, there is a considerable amount of focus put on car seats for babies. However, once your child reaches approximately 4 years of age, they will have outgrown their car seat and may need to be transferred to a booster seat.

A booster seat lifts your child so that the seat belt is in the correct position to protect them properly. There are two types – one with a cushion seat and a high back and the other with a cushion seat and no back. Some booster seats can latch onto your car via an Isofix connection which increases the seats stability.

Popular models of booster seats include Graco, Britax, FisherPrice and MaxiCosi.