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With several available colours and designs, you can brighten up the practical side of your home by adding a Brabantia bin. Constructed with high-grade materials, the bins seldom rust if placed in high humidity environments and provide an efficient way to dispose of waste.

The bins also work in other rooms of the home, such as the kitchen and bedroom. Enjoy a household that provides you with both aesthetic appeal and functionality with a Brabantia bin.

About Brabantia Bins

Brabantia is a Dutch company founded in 1919 that specialises in the manufacturing of items for the home and office. Their product range includes a variety of bins, laundry items and food storage containers as well as bathroom accessories and postboxes. Brabantia make bins designed for the housing of rubbish, both waste and paper. They come in a wide variety of designs, sizes and colours.

Touch bins are designed with a paddle that clicks shut and is opened again by pressing down upon it. Touch bins come in sizes as small as 3 litres all the way up to 50 litres. Colours available include red, orange and black. Silver is the most common. Most of the touch bins are made from steel with either a matching steel or plastic lid. The steel may be shiny or matte dependent on design. All touch bins are cylindrical.

Pedal bins are designed so that the user does not have to touch the bin with their hands. The bin lid is opened by stepping on a pedal at the bottom of the bin. It is closed when the foot is released. Brabantia pedal bins come in sizes from 3 litres all the way up to 45 litres. All the bins are designed in either silver or black and are made from steel. The 10 litre and 25 litre bins are designed in a rectangular shape. All the other sizes are cylindrical.

Retro pedal bins are also available in a variety of sizes, and come in variations of matte blue and green. Brabantia also produce space saving bins in a range of sizes that are designed to be a little shorter and are also wider. They are rectangular and so can be pushed up against a wall, therefore saving space. They come in both touch and pedal variants.

The slide bin range has only 5 litre and 45 litre bins. The lid is designed to be loose enough to push rubbish through while still remaining closed when not in use. Both the bins in the slide range are cylindrical, silver steel.

Built-in bins are designed to be secured inside a cupboard, usually in the kitchen of a home or office. They are accessed through the opening of a cupboard door, and are therefore hidden when not in use, saving significant amounts of space. The lids are normally manually opened. The bins come in a wide range of colours and can be made from both steel and plastic. The material chosen should be reflective of the strength of the cupboard door to which the bin is being attached.

Brabantia paper bins are designed primarily for the use of paper. Due to the intended contents, they usually do not come with a lid. They are designed in both plastic and metal variants, and come in black and silver. Sizes include bins from as little as 5 litres all the way up to 15 litres. Some of the paper are bins are designed with air holes. All bins must be fitted with bin liners so that the waste can be emptied accordingly. Bin lids can be bought separately when in the need of a replacement.