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Retro brass Picture light

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About Brass Picture Lights

A brass picture light is a great way to show off a piece of art and make it a key feature or focal point of a room. They are often used to create an antique or classic feel to the room and in most cases are mounted to the wall directly above the painting or picture. The lights can be wired directly into the the electrical system of a building, be a plug in system or be battery powered. Most brass picture lights will come with an on and off switch, and in the cases of wired-in picture lights they can be controlled by the main light switches and have a dimmer function. Brass is a metal alloy made from copper and zinc. It has a unique colour and finish that blends well with wood and classic furniture. The shades and finishes of the brass are determined by altering the percentage of either the copper or zinc for lighter and darker shades. All brass can be polished to achieve a high shine and clean finish. The lighting options in a brass picture light include LED lights that offer a brighter effect, are more energy efficient and longer lasting. For softer lighting a more traditional bulb or tubular light can be used. It is import to note that over exposure to light can damage a painting or make the colours of a picture fade over time. If you opt for an LED light it is likely you will need a low output light with a yellow or darker tint to prevent damage. Bright white light from an LED will be too powerful and likely damage your picture.