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About Brown Paper Bags

Brown paper bags come in a number of different varieties that vary in their size, stability and appearance. Some types, such as gift bags, have handles, whilst others such as grocer style flat bags or packing sacks are made for use without. Brown paper bags with handles are commonly box cut bags, meaning that they come folded and open out into a box shape with a base and four sides. Kraft bags have paper handles, which make them easy to carry but only suitable for light loads such as fast food or paper goods. Commonly this type of bag comes in brown or white colours and is recyclable. Bags with wound or twisted paper handles are often reinforced, meaning that they can carry a slightly heavier load without tearing. Decorative ribbon handles are best used for gifts or party bags. Both of these bag types can be found in a number of bright colours as well as the traditional brown. Packing sacks are also box shaped but these are without handles and are often, made from reinforced to make them suitable for heavier loads. These bags are made long in length so that the tops can be folded down once the bag is packed. Flat bags are best used for small items such as sweets or fruit. They come in plain white and brown which is the kind of paper bag most commonly found in grocer shops. They may also come decorated with brightly coloured candy stripes in the traditional ?sweet shop? style.