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About Bunded Oil Tanks

When it is necessary to store large quantities of oil on-site for continuous or occasional use, a bunded oil tank can be used to protect the surrounding environment and the liquid itself. In terms of the capacity, there are 'off the shelf' versions available that have been manufactured as part of a line of products, as well as those that have originally been custom-built for a specific purpose. The tanks benefit from strong plastic or metal materials that are designed to provide the maximum level of safety when containing flammable liquids, and it is always advisable to check the casing for the appropriate safety and regulatory markings. If a bunded oil tank is required for vehicle fuel, storage solutions are available with a dispenser or pump that is designed for regular usage - this will usually dispense the liquid fuel in a regulated manner that is similar to a commercial petrol or diesel pump. Although bunded oil tanks are a popular product for agricultural environments, other types of commercial and residential premises can benefit from being able to store backup oil and fuel for emergencies. It is also important to consider the internal thickness and layout of the tank. The term 'bunded' means that there will effectively be one tank that is situated inside another, and this provides adequate levels of protection and insulation to the internal contents. When purchasing a used or second-hand tank, the inside surfaces may have already been cleaned for the convenience of the new owner - this is something that needs to be taken into consideration, as inadequate cleaning between uses could lead to cross-contamination.