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About Cable Rods

As with most professions, you need a special set of tools to make your daily tasks a bit easier. The cable rods you have help you to push and pull wires or cables through tight spaces that you normally could not reach. A kit features several cable rods with attachments on both ends. Attach the rods together to increase their length or put on a hook or loop connection. With the hook or the loop, you can grab onto cables, wires, or anything else and pull them through holes or around other obstacles. Each kit has a different number of rods and connections. Some even come with a magnet that allows you to pick up screws and other small items that you dropped. Additionally, a kit with flexible rods could come in handy for those complicated and hard-to-reach areas. Find a kit on eBay that has all of the pieces you need. Make the hard tasks easy with the tools made specifically for you.