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Made famous by renowned Bakerella, cake pops have taken the United Kingdom by storm. The bite size pieces of cake on a stick provide cake lovers with a convenient way to try several styles of cake during one sitting and stay fresh for far longer than a normal sized cake.

Plus, they do not overwhelm diners with sweetness or produce a heavy stomach sensation. Wow your dinner guests by presenting them with cake pops.

About Cake Pops

A cake pop is a style of cake where the sponge mix is formed into a small lollipop shape and eaten off a stick. Cake is broken into crumbs using a food processor and then mixed with icing, cream cheese or chocolate to help it stick together to form spheres, cubes or any other shape desired. The shapes are then pushed on to a lollipop stick and coated in candy melts, chocolate or icing and then decorated. Since their launch in 2009, the cake pop scene has exploded, and thanks to the book Cake Pop appearing on the New York Times bestseller list, bakers across the globe simply can't get enough of these sweet treats. Cake pops owe much of their skyrocketing popularity to social media, with most cake pop businesses being internet based and growing their customer base through sites like Twitter and Facebook. There are so many ways to bake and decorate your own cake pops and home bakers can find a range of products to help. From lollipop sticks, to decorations such as sugar dragees, edible glitter and other adornments, you can find everything you need to take part in this culinary phenomenon. For the professional baker, silicone moulds and cake pop makers (which resemble toasted sandwich makers) help to achieve the perfect sphere.