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About Canon 600D

Part of Canon's popular entry level DSLR range, the Canon EOS 600D is a lightweight, versatile camera, perfect for amateur photographers and enthusiasts alike. With an 18 million pixel CMOS sensor, 3-inch articulated screen and wireless, in-camera flash control, the 600D has all of the features that you'd expect from an entry level Canon, as well as some of the features seen in the semi-professional Canon 60D. Its wide ISO range of 100 '“ 12,800 produces great results in both low and bright light, giving the photographer a huge amount of flexibility and control with each shot. Like other editions in the Canon range the 600D has full HD capabilities, allowing the photographer to film in both 1080p and 720p. The articulated screen, which has been built to the same dimensions as the in-camera sensor, makes filming even easier, giving the user a great view point from which to capture the perfect shots. Like all of Canon's APS-C digital SLR cameras, the EOS 600D is compatible with the full range of Canon lenses, making it the ideal upgrade for anyone who already owns a selection of good quality lenses from the Canon range. For the creative photographer, the Canon 600D offers a range of in-camera filters and features to help you create a unique image. You can choose from soft focus, black and white, colour shift and tilt-shift effects or simply play around with the Scene Intelligent Auto mode to subtly enhance your shots. Offering a great bridge between entry level and semi-pro DSLRs, the Canon 600D is a small camera packed with a lot of features, perfect for amateurs, creatives and home videographers alike.