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About CAT5 Cable

Category 5 cables (Cat 5) are used for carrying signals between computer networks. They are mainly used by consumers to connect their internet router to computers, games consoles and other internet-enabled devices. They can also be used to carry other signals, such as telephone and video across networks. The Cat 5 is one of the fastest types of data cable available, and is favoured by users who are looking for a super fast connection for activities such as online gaming and streaming video content. When you are buying a Cat 5 cable, the main thing to check is the length - measure your home to ensure that it will be long enough to connect the devices you need it to. If you are buying a used product, be sure to check the condition of it and ensure that it has not been subjected to excessive twisting or wear and tear, which could affect its performance. Check to see that the devices you are looking to connect have an ethernet port and if possible, double check that they will be compatible with the Cat 5 and capable of transferring data at high speeds, if not, it may be worth opting for a lower quality cable. Cat 5 cables come in a range of colours, depending on your requirements, you may decide to choose one which fits in with the decor of your home or office. White cables, for example, are commonly chosen by those who are running cables up walls or along skirting boards as they are not noticeable. On the other hand, if you have a mess of cable spaghetti that you want to keep track of, you may opt for a brightly coloured yellow or blue cable, which is easily identified.