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Cath Kidston offers more than home furnishings; this brand creates an array of clothing, bags, and accessories. As with its home furnishing line, the fashion products also draw heavily from floral inspirations. Wear a Cath Kidston jacquard skirt with an embroidered top to work, or turn to an array of skirts, dresses, and blouses to serve as everyday wear. You can even dress your iPhone up in a Cath Kidston case.

Go floral, and spread the word.

About Cath Kidston

Like most young entrepreneurs, Cath Kidston started out on a modest budget, by setting up a tiny curtain shop in London in 1993. Her career began with a single moment of inspiration drawn from a photo of rose wallpaper. She began to create decorative designs influenced by vintage fabrics, which would eventually develop into the Cath Kidston brand. Cath Kidston Ltd is now a huge commercial success that sells a range of home furnishings and lifestyle products that all feature distinctive styles of vintage print. Style Originally Cath Kidston was inspired by vintage floral prints, which led to her first design, the Rose Bouquet. Her design style is dominated by colourful, floral prints, but the brand has extended to include additional designs, featuring spots, stars and novelty patterns. The Cath Kidston brand has retained its nostalgic sense of style over the twenty years of its existence, which is now widely recognised by the public. Products From its early beginnings selling bed sets and cushion covers, Cath Kidston Ltd has extended its range to include a huge range of fashion, home and lifestyle products that reflect the brand's nostalgic style. The company sells home products suitable for all rooms of the house, including kitchenware, bedding, children's products and even pet products. Many of the popular Cath Kidston prints are available to buy on fabric, wallpaper and oil cloth. The company also sells collections of women's clothing, bags and accessories, which feature floral, spotty and patterned designs in a similar vintage style.