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About Central Heating Pump

Central heating pumps are designed to pump water around your central heating system, successfully heating your radiators and your whole house. The pump works by pumping hot water from your boiler to your radiators and then back to your boiler, in a continuous flow that keeps your whole house warm. Central heating pumps are commonly the same size, but the capacity and speed with which they pump water can vary. Some central heating pumps can pump up to 60 litres of water per minute, while others work on a variable speed system that regulates the flow of water and adjusts it according to your system's specifications. Many central heating pumps are also designed to save you money by working economically and efficiently. Suitable for nearly all domestic wet central heating systems,central heating pumps can easily be replaced if broken, though it is advisable to get a certified plumber to do this. Replacement parts, such as rubber washers and brass valves can also be purchased for use with faulty or broken pumps. Central heating pumps are manufactured by a variety of companies but the most well known manufacturer is Grundfos. The new generation of central heating pumps are designed to be energy efficient and therefore save you money on your heating bills throughout the year, but especially in the cold winter months. If you are interested in upgrading your current system you may be able to make substantial savings, though it is recommended that you talk to a certified plumber before making any decisions.