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About Champagne Saucers

Champagne saucers, or coupes, create that lovely waterfall-looking display of Champagne seen on adverts and at weddings. The shallow, yet wide, bowls are perfect for stacking into towers to achieve this free-flowing effect. Although they were popular in the 1930s during Prohibition, narrow-bowl flutes are used now for Champagne because the saucer stemwear has a tendency to cause the alcoholic beverage to lose its carbonation more quickly. However, owners can use these lovely glasses for frozen-style cocktails, such as daiquiris or margaritas. The wide shape works well for attaching salt or sugar to the edge of the bowl. This type of glassware is also great as an elegant way to serve soft desserts, such as whipped mousses, sherberts, and puddings. Available on eBay, these stemware pieces come in plain, curved bowl bottoms, flower-shaped, or squared bowl bottoms. Many versions include etchings, coloured stems, or cut glass designs. Although not used for their original purpose, these glasses will bring a touch of elegance to your bar set or dessert presentation.