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About Chanel Bags

For many women, Chanel bags are the Holy Grail of designer accessories. Few other brands have such an iconic appeal which has lasted so long ? Coco Chanel opened her first boutique in Paris in 1910. A Chanel bag is, of course, a timeless classic which will never go out of style, and last as long as you want it to. It works as an investment piece that you may one day want to pass on to someone else. Unlike other luxury purchases such as, say, cars, a Chanel bag will always hold and even increase its worth. In the probably unlikely event that you would ever want to sell your handbag on, a Chanel design will always have a good resale value. Adored by style icons, celebrities and fashionistas everywhere, the Chanel handbag has some of the most recognisable designs in the world of accessories, such as the quilted leather, and double chain link straps and burgundy lining many of them have to the interlocking two gold Cs of the metallic logo. If you want something for daytime, such as a jumbo messenger, a tote or a shoulder bag such as the single flap, Chanel has an endless selection of designs and colours. There?s a similar range of choice for evening bags. Whatever you choose, the materials, from lambskin to the softest leather. There?s lots of advice online about how to spot a fake Chanel bag, so do your research before buying yours and be sure you are buying the genuine article.