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Try out a retro mod style with Chelsea boots. The iconic ankle boots, fitted with elastic siding and a leather hoop, became popular in the 1960s when famous singers, actors and fashionistas sported them around London.

Today, both women and men enjoy the comfortable, versatile footwear, which are ideal for both casual and evening wear. You can wear a pair of fashionable, leather Chelsea boots wherever you like—to the office, out to dinner or even to a party.

About Chelsea Boots

The Chelsea boot originated in the Victorian era and was first used in equestrian wear, and strictly for ladies. They are sometimes referred to as 'paddock boots', 'dealer boots' or 'jodhpur boots'. Chelsea boots are instantly recognisable by their elastic sides, which were found on the design from 1837. Classically, Chelsea boots are tight-fitting and made of leather. Without the elastic feature it would be a difficult task to quickly put on or remove the footwear with ease. Necessity soon gave way to fashion and by the 1960s Chelsea boots were the footwear of choice for the fashion-conscious 'Mods' across Britain. This shift in fashion opened up the style to men. Now also worn by men, the Chelsea boot has been re-recognised for its practicality across the world. In America they are issued to US Navy flight deck teams. In Australia, Chelsea boots are known as 'work boots' and are worn by men as well as women. Today, Chelsea boots in Britain are largely known as fashionable footwear for both sexes. They are available in a vast array of colours and materials. Traditional leather is often being replaced by cheaper plastic-based material, enabling everyone to own a pair of Chelsea boots. There has also been a rise in heeled Chelsea boots for ladies. There truly is a Chelsea boot for every person, every style and every outfit. Chelsea boots remain a style staple in wardrobes across the world. A classic boot with rich heritage, showing no sign of slowing down.