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About Chesterfield Chairs

A chesterfield chair is a bold, striking piece of furniture and is readily available from many eBay sellers. A chesterfield is a very specific type of padded leather sofa with arms the same height as the back. The arms and back curve outward, and the chair is covered in sumptuous high quality leather, and tufted with large leather buttons. The untufted seat cushions are separate. Chesterfields, whether chairs or sofas, are majestic and harken back to a bygone era. However, if you choose a bold, modern leather colour, a chesterfield will work equally as well in a contemporary space. Your chesterfield chair should have French polished wooden feet, individual coil springs for strength and durability, and a firmly padded cushion, along with properly finished fine grain leather covering the entire body. Remember to purchase leather cleaner and leather sealant so you can perform regular maintenance. Buy a chesterfield chair and snuggle comfortably in its embrace after a hard day's work and for years to come.