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About Choker Necklaces

Elegant, charming and eye catching, choker necklaces are a distinctly attractive fashion accessory. Although people have been adorning their necks with decorative jewellery since the dawn of time, it is thought that the choker necklace originated in ancient China. Other examples can be found in early Indian, Egyptian and Native American cultures. During the French Revolution, women adopted the practice of wearing red ribbon chokers in homage to those who lost their heads to the guillotine! Chokers became hugely popular during the Victorian era. Edward VII?s consort, Queen Alexandra introduced a wide diamond and pearl choker said to have been inspired by similar items she saw while on frequent visits to India. Another popular form of choker was a simple band of velvet, often black, adorned with a cameo pendant or precious stone in the centre and custom made to fit the neck perfectly. At this time they even acquired a somewhat risque reputation. The 1940s saw the fashion being briefly revived, as did the 1990s Goth era. There seems to be another revival in the air as choker necklaces can be seen frequently on the Paris Fashion Week runways. In keeping with their current popularity a wide selection of choker necklaces are available. These range from classic plain black to vintage faux pearl and gold tone to chunky gold toned aluminium chain link ID bib chokers. There are gold, silver, diamante, leather, metal, hippy, Bohemian, Gothic stylings and retro 80s and 90s stretchable one size fits all versions. For men there are the cool surfer style beaded or pendant decorated choker necklaces.