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Exchanging Christmas cards is a great tradition. There was a time when the annual exchange of cards may be the only time family members heard from each other, especially in the days before convenient electronic communication. While that use may be gone, the sight of holiday scenes on Christmas cards still brightens many faces during the festive season.

Keep in touch with people in the traditional way and send your seasonal wishes through the post.

About Christmas Cards

For many people, Christmas is a special time of year that is usually spent with family and close relatives. This traditional union of family and friends has over the past century been celebrated by the exchange of Christmas cards, which contain messages of good will and friendship from the sender. Christmas cards are usually sent in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day, and are particularly important for sending messages to family and friends over long distances. Most cards can be purchased as individual items, but they can also be bought in sets of coordinating designs, which not only provides the buyer with a selection of designs to choose from, but also cuts down on the overall cost. Popular designs There are a huge variety of commercial Christmas card designs that are widely available to purchase. Many cards feature scenes depicting the Nativity of Jesus, or related motifs, such as the Star of Bethlehem and the white dove of peace. Many non religious cards are also widely available, which depict favourite Christmas motifs, of which Father Christmas is the most prominent. Snowy landscapes, animals and seasonal activities are also popular choices of cards to reflect the winter season. Charity Christmas cards Christmas cards are mainly commercially produced products, but some cards are produced to raise funds for well known charities. Buying a charity Christmas card gives the opportunity to make a small donation to the charity of choice, as a percentage of the purchase price for each card is donated to the charity by the manufacturer.