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Whether you are male or female, young or old, a Christmas jumper is a fun look on just about anyone, especially during the holiday season. Even infants look great sporting seasons of Christmas on their sweaters.

Choose from styles that depict Santa Claus, Rudolph, snowmen, Christmas trees or a string of bright festive lights. Brands are always prepared with the perfect Christmas jumper during the month of December.

About Christmas Jumpers

The Christmas jumper is a rite of passage. Every year, it is our duty to celebrate the festive season by making ourselves look as ridiculous as possible. Novelty jumpers are always a great ice breaker and who knows, could even land you some luck under the mistletoe this year! If you?re looking for a Christmas jumper for a friend or family member, or maybe even yourself, here are your options. Patterns/characters Most Christmas jumpers will have either character theme, e.g. snowman or santa, or a ludicrous pattern, e.g. Christmas puddings, Christmas trees etc. Special features From LED lights, to sound effects, Christmas jumpers can come with a range of adornments. How silly you go is entirely up to you, but remember, ?tis the season to be jolly! Material Think about the type of material you are going to choose. Many of the cheaper, mass produced Christmas jumpers are made from synthetic fibres, which can make them itchy and uncomfortable to wear. Spend a little extra on a wool or cotton number and at least you?ll be able to feel comfortable, even if you look ridiculous! What to wear with Most Christmas jumpers are eye-catching to say the least, so keep the rest of your outfit simple. Pair with plain jeans, trousers or a skirt and finish off the look with a matching santa hat and tinsel scarf and you're ready to party!