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About Church Chairs

Churches change their furnishings much less often than homeowners do, so when they put church chairs, pews, or benches for sale on eBay, expect to find some unusual pieces that can become focal points in your decor. Victorian era platform chairs often work well exactly as they are with original wood finishes and upholstery untouched. Alternatively, you may wish to restyle them with a coat of "shabby chic" white or brilliant enamel and contemporary fabric to add more visual punch to your home's decor. Of course, consult with an expert before refinishing if there is any reason to think a piece has value. Handcrafted chairs created for a congregation by a local woodworker have unique charms. In the right spot, they are destined to draw compliments for your good taste. Stiff-back benches and short pews work well in an entry as a stopping place for tugging off boots. The right church chairs create a comforting ambience of long family heritage, adding a look of timeless tradition to a home.