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About Citronella Candles

Fight off biting midges, mosquitoes, and any other nasty insects whizzing around day or night with the naturally insect repellent properties of citronella candles. Extracted from an Asian grass similar to lemongrass, citronella's aroma has long been believed to deter flying beasties. So when you light up a citronella candle, you?re not only creating a haven of relief, but you will also benefit from a subtle, pleasant citrusy smell. Spring, summer, or autumn, when the sun is out, you want to be too--and there?s nothing worse than having pesky flies and biting insects dampening your enjoyment and forcing you indoors. You don?t need to suffer, or stay inside ? grab a few citronella candles, light them up, leave for a few minutes to really clear the air, and then confidently stride outside in t-shirt and shorts. As long as you keep those candles burning, you can keep your outdoor party going.