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Clear bags in plastic of different weights and thicknesses let you pack and carry items or store them for long or short terms. Clear bags come in many different sizes and several different materials, with sealable openings or simple ones.

Clear bags store food for the freezer and protect clothing hung up for the winter. They provide lightweight carrying capacity for items to transport across town, from books to samples to your lunch. Carry and store it in clear bags.

About Clear Bags

Screws, seashells, and Legos are only a few things you've tucked away in nifty little clear bags in years past, not to mention snack foods, sandwiches for lunch, and leftovers. Made of plastic, cellophane, polythene, and other materials, clear and coloured bags hold so many of the things you use every day. From assembly necessities for your new barbecue, to the package of almonds you ate for an afternoon snack, baggies make your life more convenient. In fact, zip-close bags have become somewhat of a staple in most households, and they are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Log in to eBay to discover a large selection of clear bags, from zip-close to grip seal, heat seal to self-adhesive. This is your chance to get organised, clean out the inevitable "junk drawer", and store all your tiny things away. Think of the joy you'll have when you discover all those clear little bags full of treasures a year from now, or perhaps 10.