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About Conservatory Furniture

Finally getting your dream conservatory also means choosing the perfect conservatory furniture to go inside it, and there are many different options to choose from. Your conservatory furniture should really reflect how you plan to use your conservatory space, and will determine the overall ambience you want your conservatory to have. For instance, your conservatory could mainly be used for entertaining guests, a relaxed space for reading and taking in the view, a light and airy dining area, or it could even be an extra office space. Depending on how you choose to use your conservatory, you may decide to have an entertainment unit, a dining table and chairs, a soft, comfy sofa, workstation, or wicker chairs and coffee table - perhaps a combination of these. When considering the type of furniture you wish to have in your conservatory, you should bear in mind the type of flooring you've used. Cushioned vinyl flooring is easily damaged by hard wooden legs of tables, chairs and sofas, whereas a hardwood floor tends to be more suited to formal furniture. A tile floor seems more like an extension of your garden and could be ideal for a more casual type of room. Ultraviolet rays should also be considered, and ideally the glass in your conservatory should protect against these; without it, cushions and upholstery on your furniture could be susceptible to damage or fading and should be covered or removed when they are not in use. Cane, rattan and wicker furniture are particularly popular in conservatories, as they are typically lightweight and can easily be moved and rearranged.