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About Cot Bed Quilts

A cot bed quilt is excellent for a toddler’s first bed. The duvet is very warm and fluffy and will keep the baby warm and snug. Together with the pillow and the quilt, the pair make a great set that will help the little one sleep comfortably.

The material is of very good quality and is crispy clean and is suitable for babies from birth onwards. They are also quite suitable for both cots and cot beds and are absolutely great value for money.

The fibre has been given treatment for anti-allergy and are quite ideal for children that suffer from allergy. The bed quilt is also lightweight enough for the baby to be able to kick it off when they wake up, or cover themselves easily when they get to bed because it’s the ideal weight for the little ones.

The colt bed quilt is machine washable and is not affected after washing and will not lose its shape. The cot bed quilt will serve your child well in the colder months by keeping the cold away and ensuring that they get a good night’s sleep.