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Cotton Traders is not just for rugby. In addition to rugby shirts, the company also makes leisure wear, including a range of shoes. Cotton Traders is a perfect example of diversification, starting with one small location focused on mail order rugby shirts and growing from there.

Pink cotton flats may not make many people think of rugby, but shoes take even more of a beating than rugby shirts. Choose clothes that stand up to your life.

About Cotton Traders

Cotton Traders is a mail order clothing company, selling a wide range of clothing for adults. The company was started by two former England rugby union captains, Steve Smith and Fran Cotton, in 1987. Appropriately named after Fran Cotton, the company began making rugby shirts in heavyweight cotton, the same material from which playing shirts were made at the time. Producing items to order from a small room adjacent to Altrincham railway station in Cheshire, the mail order business advertised its rugby shirts in Sunday papers initially, but proved so popular that it had to quickly expand to meet demand. The range of clothing sold by Cotton Traders has increased to include casual clothing for men and women in a wide range of sizes, which reflects the original company aim of selling rugby shirts to fit even the biggest prop forward. The company remains true to its rugby heritage with leisure clothing ranges in rugby shirt styles, but a large part of Cotton Traders business includes rugged outdoor footwear as well as sandals, slippers, trainers, trousers, sweaters, fleeces, blouses, skirts, waterproofs, hats and scarves. Clothing is produced in heavyweight cotton, wool and synthetic materials, and is renowned for its quality and workmanship. Clothing and footwear from Cotton Traders lasts for years, and appeals to a wide audience. Classic styles and modern variations exist happily together, making Cotton Traders an excellent choice for young and old, and with sizes to fit everyone, from XS (33-34') to a mighty 5XL (60-62') chest! Bargains are eagerly sought after, and thanks to the durability of goods from Cotton Traders, will often look as good as new.