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About Cow Onesies

Based on the babygro or traditional one-piece 'long-johns', a onesie is a one-piece body garment with arms and legs. It may also have an integral hood, hands and feet. Fur fabric onesies have become increasingly popular this century with adults as well as children, and first became fashionable at greenfield music festivals, where a comical fancy dress costume and a comfortable, warm outer garment makes the ideal combination for evening wear. Attempts to make them acceptable as streetwear met with limited success, but they quickly caught on as quirky loungewear and have become a symbol of the contemporary concern with staying warm at home while limiting domestic energy consumption. The popularity of the 'cow' design significantly pre-dates the surge in popularity of this style of garment. Although real cows come in many colours, 'cow' fabric usually bears the black and white 'splotches' of a Fresian. It's important when choosing a onesie to be clear about what you want it for. Not all onesies are thick and warm, and a costume intended for fancy-dress wear may be light and suitable for a hot, crowded indoor environment. Onesie pyjamas tend not to have hands, feet or hoods, and may be of variable thickness. The extent to which the wearer is designed to represent a cow can also vary - the term 'cow onesie' could equally describe a garment designed for comfortable relaxation and decorated with a 'cow' print, or a full comical-cow disguise complete with fake udders and horns and hoof-style hands and feet.