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About Decorative Stones

As well as practical uses, stones can have decorative properties and can be used to great effect in a number of ways in the garden. Slate is one such stone that can be used to adorn a garden. Slate comes in a variety of grey shades, from dark to light, and the spectrum of earthy tones can be used to the compliment the natural colours of a garden. The stone is low maintenance and easy to source in the UK. However, slate can be a little brittle is not usually used for interactive garden features such as paths. A more hard wearing type of stone is granite, an igneous rock often used for footpaths and driveways. Granite is normally gathered in large quantities and is generally sold in bulk by the bag. The decorative stones have an attractive granular look and come in colours ranging from white to red. The stones can be bought as a mixture of colours or as one uniform shade. For use in ponds, polished pebbles are often a good choice. The smooth surface of the pebbles is relatively free of imperfections, meaning algae cannot grow on it as easily as they may on a rough surface. This helps the pebbles to keep their decorative properties.