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About Dewalt 18V Batteries

A Dewalt 18V battery pack gives you half again as much power in the same size package as a conventional 12V NiCD or NiMH battery. These batteries use Lithium-Ion technology, so there is no memory effect and minimal self-discharge, so you can use the battery you charged last week without worrying about it having already gone flat. Still, when it comes to batteries, you need more than just voltage; you also need power storage, and Dewalt has you covered there as well. The standard DCB180 battery offers 3 Amp-hours in a 65 by 110 mm package weighing 640 g. For longer life, you can swap it out for the DCB182, which gives a whopping 4 Ah, despite weighing only 610 g. Lighter duty batteries range from 1.5 to 2 Ah, and you can find every size and configuration on eBay. Whether you have tower pack or a slide battery, you can rely on Dewalt. Choose Dewalt for all your cordless tools to enjoy unrivalled battery performance.