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Dewalt products are guaranteed tough and that is true of a Dewalt battery, as well. The Dewalt battery keeps your cordless power tools running smoothly on any worksite.

They come in lithium ion, nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride, many of which are rechargeable and interchangeable between tools. Standard, lightweight, compact and high capacity batteries are available. A durable Dewalt battery provides a long-lasting charge and ease of use in a variety of voltages. Try a Dewalt battery for yourself.

About Dewalt Batteries

Dewalt have become the standard bearer of the industrial and power tool industry. With nearly 80 years trading history they have built a reputation for continuing to deliver the highest quality, longest lasting, most reliable and toughest tools available. They are the manufacturer of choice for the building and trade industry and have been widely available for personal and domestic use for a number of years. Many Dewalt power tools are cordless and source their power from rechargeable battery packs. Dewalt pride themselves on having the longest run time of any power tool, and achieve this by not only focusing on product innovation but also on constantly improving power generation, motor efficiency, charging capability and battery life time. A Dewalt battery is available with a variety of different power outputs depending on the application it will be used for and power tool it has been designed to connect with. In many cases the batteries themselves are interchangeable between Dewalt products, but you should always follow the instructions provided before alternating the batteries to ensure maximum efficiency every time. You can be confident when buying a Dewalt product that you are getting the best. This includes all of their battery products and ancillary devices. A power tool is of no use if it cannot generate or sustain its power, and Dewalt have followed this assumption to its natural conclusion by ensuring that all of their battery systems deliver high power for the longest sustained period possible with fast recharge capability.