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About Disabled Toilets

Disabled toilets and their associated fixtures and equipment are vital for the elderly and those with disabilities that make it hard or impossible for conventional toilets to be used. Disabled toilets themselves are available in a variety of styles, including those with a higher pan than standard toilets, and those that are lower level. Larger toilets are available for those who have a larger figure, and raised toilet seats can give your toilet additional height to make it more accessible. In addition, back rests can be bought for disabled toilets, to increase the comfort of the user. In a disabled toilet, it is not just the toilet itself that is important, but its surroundings too. Handrails can be affixed to the wall at different heights and in different places to make it easier for those with disabilities to make use of the facilities, and specially designed sink units complete with grab rails make washing the hands easier. Whether buying a disabled toilet for domestic or for commercial use, there are also other elements you may wish to consider. Alarm kits, activated via a simple pull cord, allow toilet users to alert others if they need assistance, while portable steps can make it easier to access the facilities. In addition, portable and folding disabled toilets are also available, along with toilet frames: portable frames that allow those with disabilities or infirmity or who are recovering from injuries or operations to use the toilet more easily and in comfort.