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One of the longest running programmes in the history of television and a cultural treasure, "Doctor Who" has thousands of fans. Memorabilia includes endless DVD and collectors sets as well as written media, apparel, posters, trinkets, toys, and more. Find action figures and models of your favourite characters and fixtures.

From a signed picture to a remote controlled Dalek or a TARDIS biscuit jar, you have thousands of ways to show off your love of "Doctor Who".

About Doctor Who

From the show's beginnings in the 1960s through to the present day, Doctor Who has inspired a wide range of toys and games intended to take advantage of the popularity of the Time Lord. The huge impact made by the Daleks in the Doctor's second story led to the creation by Louis Marx Toys of a Dalek Rolykins. The Rolykins line of toys had a ball bearing in their bases allowing them to glide down slight inclines - something that was particularly appropriate for a Dalek toy. Marx went on to produce a battery operated Dalek that would change direction whenever it bumped into something. These were considered realistic enough by the Doctor Who production team to be used to bump up Dalek numbers in both the Patrick Troughton serial, The Evil of the Daleks, and the Jon Pertwee story, The Planet of the Daleks. The 1970s saw the launch by Palitoy of a range of Talking Daleks as well as a Talking K9. In the 1980s there was a Doctor Who role playing game launched by FASA. Later in the decade a new range of Doctor Who figures was released by Dapol. These continued throughout the 1990s and included reproductions of the original Louis Marx Dalek figures. With the return of Doctor Who to our screens in the new millennium a new, more realistic range of Doctor Who figures has been launched. Manufactured by Character Options, these action figures are sure to be just as collectable as their predecessors from the 1960s to the 1990s.