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Though it may seem cruel, for most pets, a dog cage is anything but. As long as it is not used for punishment, a dog cage can easily become a haven for your dog; the one place it feels safe and secure. If they can come and go when they want, and the crate is placed where they can see people, a dog happily spends hours there.

Get your dog out from under the table.

About Dog Cages

If you?ve got dogs, you?ll know just how much paraphernalia goes with being a pet owner. From beds to bowls and leads to treats, some pampered pooches have more belongings than their human housemates. Though some of the accessories that come with dog ownership are dispensable, an absolute essential in many animal loving households is the dog cage. Using a cage can aid house training in puppies, stop older dogs from damaging furniture when their owners aren?t around and prevent any accidents from occurring while humans are asleep at night. Some nervous dogs can also find a cage reassuring as it gives them a place to call their own and helps them to feel safe when strangers come to visit. If you are considering a dog cage, it?s very important to ensure that you get the right size. Too big and you dog or puppy could use part of the cage as a toilet, too small and they won?t be comfortable in it for long periods of time. When measuring your adult dog for a cage, measure from the tip their nose to the base of their tail, adding at least four inches for turning and stretching. If the cage is for a puppy, try to add in enough room for them to grow for the next six months, without giving them the space to use the cage as a toilet. Whether your dog is nervous, house training or a menace to your furniture, a dog cage can make a huge difference, giving you peace of mind and your pet somewhere safe and cosy to call home.