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Known for their funky style and distinctive look, Dr. Martens make a substantial fashion statement. Wear your Dr. Martens with a pair of ripped jeans and an oversized flannel shirt for a semi-hippy look, or add them to a skirt and a crop top for a fashion-forward ensemble.

Because they come in an array of colours and sizes, you are sure to find a pair that best fits your personal style. From shiny brights to florals, these shoes make you stand out from the crowd.

About Dr Martens

Dr. Martens is a British brand of largely unisex footwear that was established in the 1960s by a chance coalition. Dr Klaus Maertens was an inventor who had designed boots with soles made of tyres. Meanwhile the Griggs family - who resided in Northampton, England '“ were shoe smiths. The two forces met via a magazine advertisement and Dr. Martens boots were created. Notable features of the Dr. Martens range include yellow stitching around the sole, a black Achilles tag, welted construction and air cushioned soles (sometimes referred to as 'bouncing soles'). The brand is known by numerous nicknames, including 'Doc Martens', 'Docs' or 'DMs'. Dr. Martens footwear is known primarily for its durability which makes it the preferred footwear of many professions, ranging from postmen to builders. In the 1960s the 'Skinheads' subculture within London's East End wore Dr. Martens as though it was their uniform, and the trend quickly spilled out of the capital across the nation and then the globe. By the 1970s Dr. Martens shoes were spotted on the feet of many subcultures; punks, mods, grunge lovers, Goths, and Britpop fans included. Although over the years the range has expanded, continuity runs throughout each and every design from the brand: Sturdy, practical, iconic. Dr. Martens now boast a vast array of colours and finishes; patterned or plain, in a matte or patent leather. There is also a line of Dr. Martens sandals, wellies and smart shoes. Today, men and women of all ages and styles enjoy Dr. Martens footwear worldwide.