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Representing strength, courage, and fortitude, a dragon is a common symbol in literature, art, and fantasy. This fictional creature is also a favourite amongst those who enjoy the study of ancient cultures and themes.

Some choose to carry or display dragon totems as a way to bring strength, though they can also serve as a guardian or a guide. These fixtures and ornaments range from cute depictions to large and terrifying designs. Find dragon statues, toys, figures and more and decorate your home.

About Dragon

A dragon is a legendary or mythical creature that has reptilian, or dinosaur-like features. Often depicted in fantasy tales as being a huge, angry and dangerous beast - dragons have become a popular symbol for power and influence in mythology all over the world. Sometimes dragons will breathe fire, and often they will have large wings that allow them to fly - however, dragons are depicted differently depending on the work of fiction in question. There are two main types of dragon, the type depicted in European culture - dating back to the tales of Eastern and Greek mythologies, and the Chinese or Japanese dragon - also featuring in tales from other East Asian countries. The two types of dragon have heavily influenced one another, especially with the cross over of cultures during the internet age. Dragon related merchandise can be found online, with just about any item you think of having a dragon theme attached to it. Children can enjoy soft plush dragons in a variety of cute colours, or a fierce looking plastic figurine to terrorise the rest of their toys. The older dragon-enthusiast would probably prefer a porcelain statuette, a decorative poster, or a fantasy novel featuring dragons. Popular franchises that predominately feature dragons include the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R Martin, and Dreamwork's How to Train your Dragon. Licensed merchandise can be found relating to both of these products, including the original books, the DVDs or in the case of How to Train Your Dragon, plush toys and figurines.