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About Draught Excluders

Fitting against or under the insides of doors and windows, a draught excluder improves the insulation of doors and sash windows by effectively sealing gaps that let in cold air to keep your home warm and cosy while saving energy. These items come in a wide selection of colours and designs, so you can choose one that suits the decor scheme in different rooms in your home. Opt for draught excluders that match the colour and texture of your drapes to seal sash windows. In more formal rooms, dress up these accessories by looking for tapestry or embroidered products. Unique handmade and novelty products add personality to any room. Choose from traditional designs in interesting colours and patterns or quirky animal shapes such as cats, dogs, and snakes; for a child’s room, find draught excluders that resemble stuffed toys. Buy a draught excluder on eBay that matches your personality and that of your home, and keep your family warm while saving energy.