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About Dual Fuel Range Cookers

Dual fuel range cookers allow homeowners to cook using two different fuel types, for example with some cookers the user can use both an electric oven and gas hobs. This can be desirable, as gas hobs are quicker to start up and begin cooking than electric hot plates. Some also argue that gas hobs offer greater control over the temperature than electric hobs. When it comes to oven heating, electric ovens can cook more evenly and reliably than gas ovens, making them especially useful for baking. Another benefit of these types of cookers is that they have quick responsive heat reduction. Many dual fuel cookers come with two ovens and as many as eight hobs, which enable the chef to cook multiple dishes at the same time at different heat settings. Most dual fuel range cookers come with four different sized burners to give the user greater control over the size of the cooking flame. Dual fuel range cookers can require more effort when it comes to installation, as both a gas line, and an outlet with the correct voltage are required to power the cooker. When deciding on whether or not to purchase a dual fuel range cooker, it is important for users to consider their individual style of cooking. For users who cook mainly using the gas hob, and who rarely use their oven, especially for baking, it may be better to purchase an all gas cooker rather than a dual fuel. Conversely, if the cooker is mainly to be used for baking or simmering, then an all electric system would be the superior option.