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About Dubarry Boots

Skilfully engineered Dubarry boots are built to last. The brand offers high quality footwear on eBay for men and women to suit a variety of needs. The boots are rugged enough to satisfy the outdoor enthusiast in the country and the sailor on the coast. Look for the knee-high signature Dubarry Galway boots for a classic take on country footwear. Their GORE-TEX lining and leather upper makes them both breathable and comfortable. The structure of Dubarry boots allows the foot to slip in or out with ease. The sailing boots have a waterproof outer lining and a non-slip outer sole. The manufacturer displays impressive attention to detail by adding several attractive design features. For example, many models have a button to secure the zip in place and leather ties to draw the top of the boot around the calf. New or used Dubarry boots are ideal for the outdoor adventurer with a passion for the land or the sea.