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About Ear Muffs

Protecting your hearing is a vital part of overall health and safety, especially for anyone who works in an area of excessive noise (such as a building site or a particularly loud nightclub). Ear muffs therefore represent an excellent investment, capable of drastically cutting down the risk of ear damage.

One of the key benefits to quality ear muffs is that they offer the ability to hear ambient noise whilst blocking out the damaging sounds. For instance, anyone working on a building site will still need to listen for any instructions or health and safety warnings. Proper ear muffs can block the noise from the equipment, whilst enabling the user to hear all of the quieter necessities. This isn't something that other noise-reduction products (such as earplugs) necessarily offer.

It's important for anyone buying a set of noise-reduction earmuffs to look at the Noise Reduction Rating (the NRR). This is the professional method for measuring exactly how effective the product will be in terms of cutting out the highest volumes. The higher the NRR, the more protection is offered.

It's also important to try and test out different sets in order to make sure that the ear muffs bought are comfortable. Whilst professional standards are obviously vital, anything that will be worn for hours at a time shouldn’t scratch or irritate the wearer. Check for things such as the fit around the ear and the tightness of the head-strap.