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About Electric Chainsaws

To find the right electric chainsaw for your purposes, it's important to consider both the blade length and the weight of the product. The chainsaw needs to be powerful enough to perform your felling or pruning tasks within a reasonable time and without putting too much strain on the user. The top brands such as Black and Decker, Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, Oregon and McCulloch all offer a range of products, from very powerful models that will cut through dense, hard wood quickly, to much lighter models that are idea for less arduous pruning projects. To make sure you keep the teeth of the chain sharp and working efficiently, you will probably also benefit from purchasing a chainsaw sharpener. Please make sure you observe chainsaw safety practises and refer to the instructions when both working with a chainsaw and sharpening the chain. It's worth bearing in mind that the majority of electric chainsaws have a guide bar with a length of either 35cm or 40cm. A model with a 40cm guide bar will be able to cut through thicker logs. There are two wattages available, 1800W and 2000W. If you want your task performed quicker, it's best to use a 2000W. Electric chainsaws are ideal for tasks which do not involve you moving too far from your power supply. They're lighter, quieter and less messy than the petrol models, as well as being cheaper to maintain and run. When purchasing the best model for your needs, bear in mind the weight of the chainsaw and consider whether you will be able to hold it in position long enough to complete your task.