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An electric shower provides on-demand hot water and adjustable pressures. Trusted manufacturers, such as Mira, Gainsborough, and Triton, offer reliable models with a variety of features.

Eco options reduce the flow of water to save on your bills and be planet-friendly, while power shower options provide a massaging effect while you bathe. Moreover, an adjustable nozzle increases the range of water effects. Put your water to good use and enjoy the spa-like experience an electric shower creates.

About Electric Showers

With an electric shower, you will not run out of hot water in the middle of bathing yourself. Choosing this option means you only use the hot water you need, as it heats the water as you shower. If water pressure is an issue for you, purchase one that has an integral pump to keep the pressure up. Features to consider when shopping include the type of showerhead, the power rating, and the raiser rail. Electric showers that have a rubber nozzle showerhead are best at preventing lime scale build up. The power rating on the shower determines the amount of pressure, and some let you to select between low, high, and economy. Finally, the raiser rail controls the lowering and raising of the showerhead. If you desire flexibility, choose a model that has a long raiser rail. Shop for electric showers to ensure every family member can always enjoy a hot shower.