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About Embroidery Kits

Indulging in embroidery can be a great way to creatively express yourself

There are several starter embroidery kits available for users to help understand the basics of this craft. Ideally most beginners start with floral patterns that are sewn onto tablecloths. The kits of today come with floral designs which are already outlined on the fabric.

The user would then have to use coloured threads to lend these flowers a characteristic life of its own. Once you get the hang of it, you can move on to more complex designs that involve the use of 3 or more colours. You can also move away from table cloths and sew intricate designs on other fabrics like pillow covers, T-shirts, bedspreads and curtains as well.

If you are proud of your work, you can even have it framed and pinned against the wall in a corner of your home. The above collection features a wide variety of embroidery kits, which the users can purchase to kick-start their new passion. Some of the popular themes which are frequently used by beginners are oriental flowers like chrysanthemum and anemone.

Other images like Lady Crinoline and animal designs featuring cats and butterflies are widely used options as well. Embroidery can be the perfect stress buster after a tough day of work at the office.