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About Faux Fur Gilets

As versatile garment offering both style and warmth, a faux fur gilet is a perfect outer garment for men and women. Faux fur is an animal-friendly choice for anyone who loves the look of fur, but prefers not to wear it. Consumers can search for a range of different colours and styles, ranging from hooded, button-down, vest, fur lined, and even quilted, depending on personal preference, style, and the amount of warmth they expect from the garment. Manufacturers range from high-end designer brands like Armani to budget brands with no label, and consumers can look for any pricing option on eBay, where sellers offer new and used gilets for purchase. Styles and types of faux fur vary according to the manufacturer, but the majority of faux fur is made of an acrylic polyester blend dyed to a specific colour. Buy a faux fur gilet as a safe wardrobe choice to add timeless fashion to any outfit.