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Fish tanks for tropical fish, cold-water fish, or other fish come in many different sizes, from the classic gold fish bowl, to the wall-sized fish tank for large-scale aquatic environments.

The size is the main difference among fish tanks, but they also vary in the type of filters, heaters, and current generators built in. The larger aquariums generally have more elaborate arrangements and also require more care and cleaning. Make sure you buy the right tank for your fish on display.

About Fish Tanks

When looking for a new fish tank, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. First of all, coldwater fish will be able to be housed in a tank without the need for much specialised equipment, a water pump can help to keep the water clean and clear. If the tank is going to be used for keeping tropical fish, some kind of heating apparatus may be necessary to ensure that the fish are able to live in their own healthy environment. For larger tanks, accompanying furniture can be used to make an aquarium an integral part of a living room or similar home space. Accessories also add to the overall appearance of the tank, and when considering the addition of greenery or plants, plastic varieties can be used that look just like the real organic material that can be found in aquatic centres. If it is desirable to hide the air filter, decorative ornaments are available that also act as the outlet for the air tube, some of these also move with each release of oxygen bubbles. Once a fish tank or aquarium has been installed, there are a number of specialist products that can be added to the water for maintaining the health of the fish. Pre-treatments are chemically engineered to neutralise harmful substances that can be found in mains tap water, while spot treatment solutions can be added in the event of illnesses that include excessive algae growth and fin rot.