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About Flash Gordon Comic

While many people are aware of the movie thanks to its famous sampling by the band Queen, not many are left who remember there was a Flash Gordon comic. Born out of the era of the pulps, the titular hero was a larger-than-life figure that engaged in a desperate struggle against forces from outer space. His original serialized adventures largely dealt with contending with the villain Ming the Merciless. The comic strips eventually ceased, though Flash Gordon would enjoy periodic revivals across different media. A modern reboot of the character has lead to a new Flash Gordon comic being created, but it is only part of the character's notable history. The Top-rated Sellers of eBay have examples of all of Gordon's print incarnations available in both new and used volumes for enthusiasts to browse. Free delivery can get your comic to you in a timely fashion, though unlike Flash Gordon himself, they won't benefit from speed of light travel.