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Flowers are a fabulous gift, but they don’t last very long – before you know it, you are carrying them to the bin and the beauty has gone. Artificial flowers are remarkably life like these days, fooling many people into believing that they are real and holding their colour for years. With absolutely no need for care, a floral display like that can last the whole year round, making it an excellent idea for a Mother's Day gift.

About Flowers

Crafting is one activity where the lack of longevity is problematic, and in this case it is fabric and paper flowers which provide the perfect solution. Fabric Flowers Taking the appearance of real-life flowers, fabric alternatives are created, in many cases by hand, to give a permanent alternative to a real blossom. Many are created to such a high standard that they are virtually indistinguishable from their real world alternative, and as a result of the fact that they won't wilt, fade or lose petals they can be used for a huge number of uses. Popular uses for fabric flowers include substitutes for real flowers in bouquets, arrangements and displays but also as alternatives to be used in crafting such as card, wreath and floral art making, and cake decorating. Paper Flowers Whilst fabric flowers tend to have the same three-dimensional qualities as real flowers, paper flowers are more likely to be two-dimensional and flat which makes them ideal for paper crafting. That's not to say that they're any less aesthetically pleasing '“ simply more appropriate for different uses. As card and papercrafts become more popular, as does the use of paper flowers within them.