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While some fluorescent lights plug into a standard lamp, many require special fittings. Fluorescent light fittings include the old-fashioned, long-tube type fluorescent element and some more compact modern versions as well.

Fluorescent light fittings are easy to install with a little bit of wiring skill and house fluorescent tubes for illuminating rooms brightly, usually from overhead positions. Fluorescent light fittings are especially good for the kitchen, the bathroom and the workspace, where you need bright light without heat.

About Fluorescent Light Fittings

When people think about fluorescent lights, they often recall the buzzy strip lights of days past. Fluorescent light fittings found today on eBay accommodate a much wider range of lighting usages. Round fittings appear in bathrooms and emergency lighting, while offices continue to use familiar strips. However, diffusers and even recessed installations have upgraded their appearance. What's more, recognition of their energy-saving value has upgraded their profile. Some contemporary fittings can accommodate a dimmer, making them appropriate for use in a boardroom or conference room where presentations are given. Outdoor fittings are wrapped in gleaming chrome cylinders or half-rounds. In the home, fluorescent fittings light shelves filled with collectibles, provide the perfect illumination for a special work of art, hide inside a box diffuser to light a kitchen or workroom, and light baths and halls inside traditional-appearing round ceiling fixtures. The buzz about today's fluorescents is they have changed in all the right ways. See the world in a new light with fluorescent light fittings.