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Sport fun, colourful and personalised accessories, while solidifying friendships, when you wear friendship bracelets. Friends of all ages enjoy this type of special jewellery. Choose a simple version with a single sterling silver charm for everyday wear.

You can also dress up an outfit with a modern luxurious twist when you wear a Links of London cord and metallic statement bracelet. Give one or more of your friends a meaningful and beautiful gift with stylish, modern friendship bracelets.

About Friendship Bracelets

Trading friendship bracelets is a timeless way of promising solidarity and perhaps "keeping secrets to the grave", and that is why choosing the best bracelet is important. The classic friendship bracelet is handmade from thread or embroidery floss, typically with a half-hitch knot. As with several patterns available for handmade friendship bracelets, you can choose from a wide variety of colours or colour combinations. It is interesting to note that each colour represents a meaning, so buyers can choose the colours of the bracelet based on the personality of their friend or on what qualities they wish the friend to have. For example, yellow is for hope, red for passion, orange for energy, and black for fearlessness.

Aside from the classic type, you can also purchase friendship bracelets made of leather cords wrapped around a silver infinity, anchor, or rudder charm. For a classy look, friends can even opt for a silver or gold chain bracelet with the words "Best Friends" spelled out. Whether made of thread, leather, or metal, friendship bracelets from eBay are the best way to tell friends that they have a special place in your heart.